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  Peter  (13 January 2018)  
After a late morning stroll, I feel I needed an oil massage to relieve my aching legs. Lucky, I stopped off at Tootsie massage to get more than I bargain. As the place had just opened up, there was just the beautiful Amy at the desk. She looked stunning! I choose the oil massage, so she escorted me upstairs to one of the empty tables. She gave me a towel and she headed off to get ready. I layed on the massage table not realizing what an amazing experience was to come. Suddenly, I felt Amy//'//s warm hands massage my back, she was so strong but delivering the prefect massage. The towel that was covering my arse was whipped off as she moved down to work on my legs. Her hands were exploring every part of my body as my cock throbbed with excitement. I closed my eyes to saver the experience. Then I felt a second set of hands, working on my arse. It was Lilly who had decided to join in. She was just as beautiful as Amy. As I turned over for a massage, Lilly pulled out her cock and stuck it in my mouth. I happily started to suck her tasty cock. Meanwhile Amy began to work on my cock. I told them that I wanted to fuck them both. So Amy and Lilly took me to the VIP room for the best fuck of my life. The girls stripped off to reveal perfectly toned bodies. We covered ourselves with oil and then I felt Lilly//'//s hot cock inside me. It was my turn to suck Amy//'//s cock. It was as delicious as Lilly//'//s. I couldn//'//t wait for cum inside my arse and mouth. It was not long until I was rewarded with them coming together. It was turn to fuck them both. I came first in Amy//'//s arse hole and the second time in Lilly//'//s. We finished our passionate session in the warm soapy bath together hugging and kissing. I cannot wait for another threesome with the amazing Amy and Lilly. Thank you Tootsie for the best sexual experience.

  Duncs  (07 November 2017)  
I visited tootsies in September 2017 twice and went with amy both time for the VIP soappy massage. Amy has a very sexy body and nice size cock. Started of in the bath with her washing me all over and slowly slipping her fingers in and out of my was. We then went on the blow up thing on the floor with amy rubbing up and down on my back I could feel her cock getting hard and tipping my ass. Then on the bed for mural sucking she has a lovely cock nice size she sucked my cock nice and deep into her mouth for about 20 minutes at this stage we with both getting very horny amy put on her condom and lubed me up and slowly at first eased into my was then got a lot faster. I returned the favour with amy getting on top and changed positions a number of times this girls definitely loves sex. She said she was cummin so of with her condom and in to my mouth to taste her. Definitely recommend amy can//'//t wait to see her again in January when I//'//m there for 7 week//'//s. I think I will ask amy for Lilly to join us next time would love to experience that double act.

  Johnboy  (31 January 2017)  
Hi only leaving my review now, I visited tootsie just after the new year, I had been following these reviews for some time and was very eager to visit in person, I was only in patong for two days and had never experienced a ladyboy before, I had a walk past the day I arrived, and seen lost of staff in the shop and out at the bar, they all looked amazing, but from following the reviews I only had interest in one lady, which was Nam, the second day I went for it, I was really nervous just walk in and was greeted by one of the girls but I quickly seen my Nam laying on the floor in the corner of the room, I want her I said, she almost looked surprised, we then went you to one or the rooms and see filled the bath and we got undressed, is was rock hard already and she loved it grabbing it with a very excited look in her eye, she has an amazing body is she perfect much better than he photos, tits are huge and the perfect size package for a first timer, she put me into the bath and started massaging me all over, then hoped in herself with her cock poking out of the water rock hard, she is so horny, stated fingering me straight away loosening me you for what was about to come, before long I was sucking my first cock, then she asked me could she fuck me, we quickly moved to the bed, we got covered in oil and 69, great kisser and very passionate, she then had her way with my virgin ass, it did hurt some but was still nice, she shoot he load in the condom, I was kinda hoping to get a nice facial but she couldn//'//t help it, then it was my turn and did I get my money worth, riding her dogy was the best sexual experiences of my life, she was going crazy for it and can take some serious pounding I blow my load all over her ass and back, best fuck ever, thank you Num I think I//'//m in love!!

  Anupam India  (28 November 2016)  
I am from India and last year December 2015 I was in Phuket. I had a long fantasy fantasy to have sex with a ladyboy. While I was searching on google for Ladyboys I found Tootsie Massage, I checked the directions and it was near my hotel only. I walked down in afternoon to Tootsie, I was greeted by Mint, she gave me a wonderful welcome and then we went to room upstairs. She undressed me and she also got undressed hiding her cock behind her legs. We took me too bath tub and gave me a wonderful soapy massage, she have big white tool and seeing her cock I got hard and asked her to give her cock in my mouth, oh my god her wet cock gave me a sexy feeling and I sucked her for long. Then I made my hard cock tip rub against her cock tip which felt very good. Then we went to bed and started kissing and then came in 69 position, we both were sucking each other madly, after some time she asked me whether I want to get her cock in my ass, I said yes, she lubricated me and start fucking my ass, she made me comfortable by slow strokes as I was first timer, It felt great, with one hand she was stroking my cock and continued fucking me for 15 minutes. Then we changed our positions and I started fucking her ass, after some time I removed my cock and condom and came all over her breast and she said I have huge sperm load stored in me. Then I sucked her cock and made her cum on my face. She gave me a good bye kiss and I left with exciting feeling in my mind. This encounter with a ladyboy made me excited and I was hard all night. Next day I went again to tootsie and this time met lilly. She is a gorgeous ladyboy. We went back to same room and undressed each other, this time we went directly to bed. Lilly has very big and hard cock. I sucked her cock for long, then she asked me if I want to get fucked, I told her that first I will fuck her, I fucked her ass for long time then changed our position, She lubricated me well and started fucking me, when she was about to cum I asked her to cum in my mouth she removed her cock from my ass and sat over me facing her dick in front of my mouth, same time she inserted her finger in my ass and started stroking my prostate, I was stroking my cock, we both came same time, she in my mouth and me on her back. Her cum was tasty and I swallowed it all. After good bye kiss I left the place. Will definitely visit this place again whenever I am in Phuket.

  Steve  (20 November 2016)  
I was visiting Tootsie for the first time one month ago to have a session with one of the gorgeous ladies there. I got there around lunch time and only saw two girls available. After reading here i wanted to go for Nam and luckily for me she was there. So we went upstairs and she started to fill the bath tub with water. She was absolutely gorgeous, better than her pics. We got undressed and I was already rock hard cock. She had a beautiful hard cock as well. Went into the tub and got a nice wash, she fingered my ass to prepare for her cock. Up from the tub and over to the bed for some 69, first time I had a cock in my mouth. Her cock is medium size but good for start. She really wanted to fuck me so I let her take my ass virginity. It was a bit painful at first but she was gentle. After a while i came hard. Then it was my turn to fuck her, which was a pure joy. All in all a amazing visit and I will be back my next time in Patong.

  Rajebha  (15 September 2016)  
My husband Shaurya has got middle sized cock. I have been taking this cock inside my vagina and sometimes inside my ass hole for the last 6 years. Same cock every day and my holes are also little expanded during this period and need for new bigger cock arisen. We discuss sex with each other quite freely. I told Shaurya about my need of new bigger cock . He is very open understanding. We discussed this matter whole night and with extra excitement, could do much better than other nights. Shaurya fucked me in both the holes very nicely. We decided, whenever, we will get opportunity outside our town, shall make it happen. The day came when we visited Phuket and heard about Tootsie. We went to Tootsie and arranged for massage together in one room by beautiful Mimi and Lilly. We all four put off our clothes and become fully naked. I was fucked by both Mimi and Lily in both the holes. At the same time, my husband , for the first time fucked in his back hole by both after proper lubrication by Mimi and Lily. Shaurya got very excited and was very happy. He again visited Tootsie next day and fucked by Annie in his back hole. After coming back, we gradually engaged our young servant who is from North east hills to give pleasure to me and Shaurya. My friend Shobhana also comes some times and give pleasure to Shaurya.

  Sunita  (03 September 2016)  
I wanted to have big cock inside my vagina and ass both from a person other than husband. That too in front of my husband side by side.I read about Tootsie and thought that my wishes were going to be completed. I went to Tootsie with my husband during my visit to Phuket last year. We were welcomed by the staff and two girls took us to one room. First both girls gave us a good soapy. During the soapy, I put my hands one by one on the cocks of both. I told them to massage my breast, vagina and ass hole nicely and intimately. My husband got very much excited and inserted his big tool in the ass of one girl Annie. Jim was slowly pushing his tool inside my vagina. After taking out his cock from my front hole, she put her cock inside my ass hole very gently after lubricating it nicely. Now Jim was ready and started lubricating my husband//'//s ass hole. He gradually inserted his cock in my husband//'//s back hole. Later, we changed our partners. Now Annie was handling me and Jim with my husband. All four nudes were immensely enjoying. My husband was loving to see another cocks penetrating me in both my holes. We enjoyed and came back. Interestingly, after returning back, my husband called his friend to fuck my both holes. This is now a regular feature. Thanks Tootsie. We will come again.

  Paul  (22 July 2016)  
Saw Nam for a great soapy massage. What a body! She also has a lovely, sweet personality but also knows how to push your buttons in a good way. What was most impressive was her cock was hard instantly from the moment she removed her panties. Seeing her massage me in the bathtub while her hard cock was slightly poking out of the water was a sight I//'//ll remember for a long time. My mouth quickly engulfed it as well as her balls. When my tongue found its way into her asshole she shrieked with delight! Then she fucked me - slow and deliberately - a bit painful to begin with but then wave upon wave of pleasure overtook me as I urged her to fuck me deep and slow. With her balls slapping against my ass I shot a massive load. Not to be outdone Nam pulled out and blew her own load, massive ropes of spunk, all over my stomach and chest. What a girl!

  Saloni  (05 July 2016)  
My husband and me visited tootsies last January for a saopy massage and something more , and we both had ever memorable experience. We are again going there in October. I am waiting for meeting nice staff. I was fucked from behind and also from the front i would recomomend the staff to every one, they all made us feel so welcome and it was just a great time. cheers Jim & Lilly (I think) . My husband got fucked there for the first time. Lilly took care that total lubrication was done and inserted her tool in my husband//'//s ass slowly and gently. He loved it so much that he remembers virtually once in a month I am eager to take tool inside back and front.

  Peter  (06 May 2016)  
II arrived in Phuket after a long flight and I decided that I needed a hard massage so headed to Tootsies as I had the whole afternoon to kill. It was early afternoon so only one masseur to choose, but I didn//'//t mind as she had a great figure. She was wearing a tight red dress and her firm arse and tits were already making me horny. She licked her lips as we began to head up to the second floor for my first oil massage in Phuket. The room was empty with four or five benches so she showed me to the one nearest one of the private rooms. She told me to strip and lay on the bench. She covered my whole body with oil and went straight into the massage. She had very strong skilful hands and knew all the right spots to touch. After 15 minutes she moved down to my buttocks, the oil dripping into my arsehole. I knew she was teasing me as her finger was slowing entering me as she massaged my balls. I hope it would be my cock next, but she moved back to my back and then my shoulders, which surprised me, She switched her position to facing me and she continued on my shoulders. As she stood in front of me, she lifted her dress to reveal her hard cock in her black sick panties. She wanted me to suck her cock and I was more than happy to oblige. It slipped comfortably in my mouth and tasted heavenly. The massage continued as her cock slipped in and out of my mouth. She moaned loudly with pleasure. Suddenly, I felt more hands on my buttocks and a finger going into my butt hole and then another hand reaching for my hard throbbing cock. My massage had turned into a threesome. The thought of this made my cock even harder. It was time to end the massage and get down to some serious fucking. We moved to the private room for two hours. I came more times than I can remember. At one point I had cum dripping out my arsehole and my mouth. These ladies have so much stamina with the tasty cocks and amazing bodies that you can imagine. I will definitely come back for seconds.

  K  (03 March 2016)  
I had the pleasure of losing my ass cherry to the lovelt Nam recently. I had been in touch with Lek and she advised me that Nam would be an excellent choice for the first time anal invasion, a piece of advice that I am very happy that I listened to. Nam took me upstairs and when I told ber it was my first time she genuinly looked like she was concerned that it went well. Into the tub for a good wash with some tentative digital ass probing with soap to get me relaxed. On to the soapy matress for the body massage portion where her very hard cock was constantly probing around the back door. Toweled off then on to the bed where I found Nam really wanted her cock in my mouth, who was I to say no to such a lady so in it went, again and again and again. Little 69 then she holds up a condom with an impish smile on her face, it was time. She loosened me up with her tongue and finger before coaxing her well loobed cock into me. All the while she was watching my face to make sure I eas not in too much discomfort, she really does care. She then proceeded to ride me and picked up the pace when she could see I was ok. I told her I wanted her to cum in my mouth so she pulled out and came twice within 5 minutes in my mouth. Then, my turn so flipped her over and ploughed her soft ass untill I came on her tits. All in all an excellent introduction to taking it and I would recommend Nam for anyone, not just first timers.

  John  (19 February 2016)  
I went there once and I cant wait to get back again.. I was massaged by lili, private room, slowly I felt her dick hard pocking slowly in and out of my asshole..I was a virgin (was).. overtime I felt a bit of pain, she//'//d whisper in my ear, relax baby, I am only making you my bitch.. I loved that!!!! slowly I was a bitch with a cock up my ass.. I was moaning and she was pounding I started to moan so loud, that another shemale join, Nam.. Man does she have huge boobs.. lili tells her, come share him with me, he was a virgin.. long story short, I swallowed both of their cums tipped them off and left.. best place in thailand!!

  Cumslut  (31 January 2015)  
2015 31st January I went to tootsie yesterday afternoon to have a oil massage by a very sexy ladyboy. First we washed in the bathtub and then she told me to lay on the bed for the massage. This is my first experience with the opposite sex/ ladyboy. She proceeded to rub oil over my back and legs As she was massaging my legs, her hand kept moving closer to my cock and ass hole. I found myself becoming very Aroused. Wen she asked me to turn over I was very hard. She looked at me and b4 I cud say anything her soft lips were round my cock sucking. Licking and teasing me in ways I never new possible. After a few mins we moved into the 69r position and I sucked cock for the first time. She was big and very hard. After 5-10 mins of pleasure able sucking she asked if she cud fuck me. Feeling quite nervous I said yes. She lubed herself and me well and I bent over and she started to squeeze her big hard cock in to my virgin tight asshole. I was so tight, slowly squeezing it in she filled my ass. I cud feel every inch of her. After a few mins I had to stop. She a was to big. She pulled out and we continued to suck each other. In the end she exploded into my mouth. It/'/s tasted quite good. Such a big creamy load. Soon after she came I burst my load over her soft breasts. She was gorgeous even more so with a big load of jizz Over her tits. I/'/m gonna go bk soon I want to get her to make my bum cum. I may even try having 2 ladyboys and they can use me as their cumslut.

  Mishka  (20 December 2014)  
I decided to do a follow up at Tootise?s prior to leaving for home in the states and walked from my Patong hotel down to Tootsie?s. All I could think about was seeing Nam again and this time Annie was also there. Nam gave me a genuine hug and kiss welcoming me back and introduced me to Annie. Nam and I headed upstairs and said she could invite Annie in for the second hour. What followed again was an amazing time with Nam. This time Nam was in complete control starting with a nice soapie and then every so often she would slide her erect cock into my ass just a little so it would loosen up for the main event to follow later. At one point Nam got so hard and hot that she pushed it all the way in and I jumped as I was not ready. It hurt a bit but also felt great. She stopped the moment she saw I was in pain and hugged me massaging me and kissing me. She suggested we go to the bed after drying off. On the bed Nam had me lay face down and she gave a nice massage and then asked me to flip. She put a pillow underneath my ass and started to finger me to make sure I was ready to get fucked. She lifted my legs and started sliding into me, slowly this time. She did not look away from my eyes and asked if I liked her cock. I was in heaven as she slowly was sliding in and out and then deeper inside each time. After about 15 minutes of this she again asked if he should cum and I said yes I want it all inside me, covered of course. Nam is amazing but I didn?t even realize that as she came she had been stroking me harder and harder and I exploded at the same moment with her cock buried inside me we came together. WOW! Nam got a towel and cleaned me completely. She snuggled into my arms and kept rubbing my chest and playing with my very erect nipples. She commented how large mine were and I said probably because she fucked the hell out of me. To my surprise I felt her stroking herself after 10 minutes and she said she wanted to fuck my ass again since I was leaving the next day. I was again laying down face up with my ass on the pillow and this time Nam slid her cock right in with minimal lube. No more was needed. She told me she would give me a special memory to take with me. Nam started fucking me so hard saying she loved my ass and that she knew I wanted her cock inside me. She was so hard and it seemed so big this time and she kept going deeper and deeper and she was pounding me. All of a sudden I exploded again as she was fucking me and then I was done. Not bad for a man in his mid 50?s to cum twice in 1 hour. Unfortunately, my ass was done and I could not entertain Annie but on my way out I gave Annie some money to say thank you anyway. I cannot wait to go back to Thailand Tootsie?s will be my first stop. Lek, I love Nam and wish I could have taken her home with me.

  Mishka  (09 December 2014)  
This was an amazing experience. While I had tried some things with Shemales, I had never been with a Thai Ladyboy and I had never been a bottom before. Today that all changed. I made arrangements with Lek via email and went to Tootsie?s for an afternoon delight. Unfortunately Annie was not well but I was setup to see her and Nam. So it was a solo act with Nam. Nam is very pretty and much sexier than her pics. She has such pretty eyes and lips. We proceeded upstairs to the room on the third floor and Nam turned the air on and started a bath for the soapie that was to come. She brought in an inflatable bed and had me lie face down on it. She then removed her clothes. Nam proceeded to wash me completely inside and out from head to toe stopping every once in a while to make sure I was lubed well with her fingers and totally clean. She used her entire body and it almost felt like a Nuru massage but I could feel her hard cock slide inside me just a little every few minutes. She clearly saw that I was very aroused and loving it. It felt great and no pain as I have not been fucked before. Nam then helped me up so I would not slip and then dried me off from head to toe. I hugged her and returned the favor drying her completely. We then went to the bed. Nam started playing with me and my nipples which are very sensitive and asked me if I wanted to suck her. YES! She reversed position and started an almost 69 while she was fucking my mouth. She was so clean and tasted so good. She then looked in my eyes and said I want to fuck you now. She told me to turn over and again lubed me well. She pushed me down on the bed and started to slide in very slowly so I would be comfortable. The next thing I felt was her laying on top of my back with her cock all the way inside me. She then started pounding me and changing her angle for her maximum pleasure and then after about 15 minutes asked me if she cum inside me. I said yes I wanted to feel it all and she then started to go wild and said she was cumming. It felt amazing and I did not want it to end. For those of you wondering, yes she was covered as safe is the only way she plays. We then spent the last 20 minutes of the 2 hours talking and cuddling. I adore this girl and will see her again before I leave Thailand. The difference is next time I want Nam and 2 other girls there to play with. Hopefully it will be this Friday.

  Dicky Boy  (02 December 2014)  
I recently visited Tootsie after not having been to Patong for 5 years so a return visit to Tootsie was first on my agenda and it did not dissappoint. I saw Lily when I entered and I was blown away by her. So upstairs to the room and I could not get my clothes off quick enough. Firstly in the bath she ensured I was clean from head to toe including all the bits between. After this it was onto the bed where a very naked and beautiful Lily started to massage my back legs and bum it was not long before I felt her hard cock assisting in massaging me. My legs where soon spread wide and after some massage with oily fingers I could feel the head of her cock pressing into me she gently entered me and started to fuck me with slow rythmic strokes which had me screaming for more. I rolled onto my back as I wanted to watch her fucking me so again my legs were spread wide and she was inside me and I could watch the action and feel her deep inside whilst she stroked my balls and cock. She asked me if I wanted her to come inside me but I needed to taste that cock and drink all of her spunk. So we moved to 69 with her taking all of my cock (I am not the biggest boy on the block( into her mouth and me taking her until we both shot our loads together then afterwards kisses and cuddles till we were both hard again this time she fucked me hard until she came and I shot my second load all over us. Cannot wait until my next visit which will not be so long and maybe 2 girls next time as I have never been spit roasted before.

  Harry  (24 August 2014)  
Wow that's my first word to describe my first visit to Tootsie's. I had read about Tootsies on the internet and just by chance on a recent holiday my hotel was only a short walk from Tootsies. After a long flight and a few busy hot days i thought i'd treat myself to a visit to tootsies. It was quite early in the day 1.30pm so i didn't expect a large choice of ladyboys however to my surprise there was a huge choice. There must have been at least 10 beautiful ladyboys scattered across the couches in the large foyer area. To choose was way to hard for me so i took the tall beautiful Mimi who was the one to greet me at the front desk. I figured what the hell she's beautiful with a killer body and she's obviously ready lets go. I opted for the soapy massage which meant a walk up the stairs to a very large room fitted with a huge bed and a large bath. My heart was racing as it was today i was going to get fucked in the ass for the first time. Mimi ran me a warm bath then preceded to lay a large foam mattress on the floor. She laid me down face first and washed me and gave me an awesome full body massage. She was obviously ready for action i could feel her hard cock sliding up and down my legs and back, never once did she try and force her rock hard piece into my ass. She gently caressed my asshole as she ran her hand up and down my back sending my into a frenzy of nervous excitement. She then flipped my over and paid the same attention to my front side needless to say my cock was standing to attention and ready for the next part of this session. Mimi pointed to the bed and said lets go i couldn't wait, we preceded to suck each others cock hers was a good size, similar to mine only uncut which was a big turn on, watch the foreskin slide up and down as both pulled and sucked it she was rock hard and ready for more. i explained that it was my first time receiving and i needed her to be careful. She nodded wit a smile and preceded to massage my pulsing asshole with her fingers and some lube. Again i was filled with both excitement and fear she then grabbed her cock which was probably a little bigger than i expected to be taking on my first time but it was to late to order a smaller one. As i said she massage my asshole and told me to relax and she was oh so gentle. I thought my cock was going to explode when she eased it in first the head then a little more till she was most of the way in there was a little discomfort to start with but once we started working together it was amazing. She must have come back form a few days break because she then came quite fast i could feel her hot juices filling the condom as she said i'm coming. This was so erotic my first time receiving with possibly the hottest ladyboy i had ever seen and she had just spurted hot juice up my virgin ass. Mimi kept her semi hard cock in my ass and kept pumping while giving my a handjob this sent me into an absolute frenzy i grabbed her ass and pulled her closer so she could pound harder as her cock was going soft. She must have new i was getting close as she pounded me into a huge orgasm bigger than i had ever had before in one fast movement she pulled her limp cock out of me and put her mouth over my pulsing cock just as it exploded she took every last drop of my juices and swallowed it down. As i said at the start WOW i was mentally and physically drained this beautiful creature had taken me to heaven and back. Mimi then preceded to direct me to the bath where she washed me clean and sent me on my way home. Thanks Mimi i'll be back..

  Mike  (16 July 2014)  
I was in Patong a few weeks ago and stayed at Patong Merlin which is very close to Tootsies Bar and Massage place. I did'nt have much time to myself because I traveled with family but as soon as a found a few mins spare I went over to Tootsies Bar to check it out. I was greeted at the bar by a stunner called Nam. She made me feel very comfortable because I was quite nervous and we made plans to meet and she told me if I couldn;t see her at the bar next time I was there then to go over to the massage shop. I gave her a tip to buy a few drinks and had to leave after only a few mins but I promised her I would be back when I had spare time. I few days later my spare time came and I had 2 hours up my sleeve. I went to the bar and looked for Nam but I could not see her then another very nice ladyboy there walked with me over to the massage shop to see Nam. As I walked in she was the first to greet me with a BIG smile on her face and I told her I have finally found the time to spend with her. She took me up to the VIP room and WOW what an experience...absolutely amazing...she is such a nice girl and really really knows how to please. My only regret is that I didnt get enough time to go back to see her before I left. I told Nam I would write a review here in the website so hopefully she gets to read it or gets some feedback from it...Thanks again Nam I cant wait to see you again...I hope you remember who I am..the guy that kept giving you compliments hehe..thanks Tootsies also.

  Rava  (17 May 2014)  
I visited Tootsie last february, I read abpout them and drove by their bar a few times and really loved the sexy girls sitting at the bar. They all dress sexy and look feminine. I entered the bar and picked a beauty in red dress, I love how the girls looked at me and wanted me. I really love to be bottom and be topped and she gave a very big smile and wanted that too, so I wanted to go to the room quickly to be with her. We undressed and she gave me massage, she started slowly teasing my ass which I love a lot. Than she fingered it and said she wanted to fuck me. I still have tight ass, but that excited her even more. I asked her to do slow and she did thank God...;-) She made my fantasy come true and we fucked each other. Next time I go I will pick two girls and let them play with me a long time..;-) Thanks for the the great time !

  Voyager1  (04 May 2014)  
my first experience on 2th may...I meet lilye in the Totsie bar, she s beautyfull and dulce. I ask appointment for next day.when i m arrive she s waiting for me and with nice dress, many lb are in the place, but she take my hand and hurry up bring me in the room, with one double bed and one bath in the corner she s so cute.we go first on the bed and start to eat my cook me too i m so existing by the beauty of black body so perfect.she invit me to go on the bath she clean my body with his expert hand. my turn to suck his nice big cook was growing with my sucking.After she ask me to coming back on the bed... and we start the hand-game but not so long because she want to fuck my ass, she push my legs and take oil to introduce in my asshole one finger, i fell his cook hard until she introduce in my ass, but I don t have big experience by this way, i ask slowly and she doing step by step until i fell all are inside. and she push me in a big pleasure...she ask me where you want my cum, i said on my body, she s claim to cum also and i came few time after, she said with fun so many cum hihihi thank you lilye for your attention of me kisss

241/5 241/6 Rat-U-Thit Road 200 Pi,
Soi Rat-U-Thit 2, Patong Beach,
Phuket 83150 THAILAND
Tel: +66 857 946 213 
Email: info@tootsie-massage.com

We are open daily 11:00am to 12:00pm

Single Ladies and Couples are welcome too